The Top 5 Most Popular Ways to Invest In Gold

There are currently 9 recognized precious metals. But only Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium can be considered investment commodities. Investors are most familiar with the four golds. Because gold is the original currency, the paper currency that was used to represent it has been a promise to the bearer of gold. Investing in gold can be a popular way to protect your assets from economic downturns or even international crises. Let’s face the facts, if the world began over after a major crisis and there were only one society, gold will still be the currency common to all of them. Below is a list with a brief description of the best ways to invest in gold. You can see live gold price for more information.

Buying gold coins is the most popular way to invest in it. While gold bullion coins are priced according to their weight, there is always a premium. There are many options for buying or selling gold coins. Online purchases are also possible.

Gold bullion bars, which are also known as gold coins, can be bought and sold over the counter at most Swiss banks. Special orders can also be placed in many other banks. You can also purchase the bullion bars over the internet, or from local dealers. Because of the difficulty involved in transporting and storing gold bars, investors are not as interested in them. They are still my favourite and offer a higher premium than gold coins.

You can trade gold in a similar manner as foreign currencies with a gold account. You can either have your gold account backed by NON-fungible (allocated), storage or pooled, (unallocated), storage. Leverage may also be possible when purchasing gold. However, this can come with risks. As gold moves up and down, you might have to make more margin calls or have your gold sold at a loss. In the event that gold goes through a corrective phase, you should consider all the money you invest as your entire investment.

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