Check the Exterior of Used Cars While at the Dealership

Inspection of the exterior when purchasing used vehicles, be it from Buy Here Pay Here Miami is vital. Car shoppers must inspect the underside of vehicles and also test them out, but we will focus on the exterior for now. The reason we focus on these dealers is that they are often older vehicles and require more detailed inspections. Many of these vehicles are bought at auctions and therefore vary in quality. For the customer to find the right vehicle at the most affordable price, they should negotiate any minor flaws or walk away from the vehicle due to major flaws.

Walking around vehicles to look for rust or eye-catching evidence of how they were handled is a good way to start.

Watch for dents and buckles in the vehicles’ top if they haven’t been repaired.

TIP #3: It’s important to inspect the wiper blades, as they can reveal the use and age of your vehicle.

Check for gaps around doors, hoods front and back, and trunks. You should check that the gaps are normal and in proportion.

The fifth tip is to check for any paint colors that are different – this indicates body work needs to be done. The paint could have been sprayed on by accident, or by overspray.

Tip #6 Check to see if there are matching headlights on both vehicles. It indicates minor to serious accidents, depending on how much damage was caused.