Chinese hot pot: Asian noodles, Asian vegetables, and a variety of mushrooms, tubers, and leafy greens

The hot pot brings people together for a healthy meal. Everyone gets to choose from a wide variety of mostly raw, fresh foods and cook them in a communal pot. As the diners enjoy the food, a unique camaraderie develops between them. Read more now on soulcybin scam

A ‘hotpot’ is sometimes called a “steamboat” in South East Asia. Or, as the late Lee Kuan Yew called it, tongue-in cheek, a “battleship”.

Hot pot dining, for me, is an excellent way to try a variety of foods. Especially vegetables from a plant-based food diet. It is also a way to eat for beauty and health – the factor that represents good health. It is because cooking food with water, instead of using direct heat to cook it, is a great way to slow down the aging process.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Food in a Minute is, for example, the leafy greens such as watercress (also known as water convolvulus), snow pea leaves and lettuces (red, green, iceberg or chrysanthemum). The thicker stems of heartier greens like rapeseed, Napa, and baby bokchoy take longer to cook.

Root Vegetables

To make a nutritious soup, it is best to let the root vegetables, such as radish and carrots, simmer in broth. You can also add tomato wedges, chunks of winter melon and kabocha to the pot.

Mushroom Types

The variety of mushrooms available is also a plus, with shiitakes, button, enoki, and honshimeji de-stalked. For easier eating, larger mushrooms like portobellos and shiitakes must be de-stalked and halved.

Asian Noodles and Firm or Fried Tofu

A variety of noodles including glass noodles, udon and spinach noodles, as well as dumplings, Chinese buns, and pan-fried vegetarian stuff tofu, illustrates how food can satisfy, even a king. Tofu comes in many forms, including cubed firm tofu and halved puffs. There are also soaked and dried bean curds sticks, as well as steamed buns.

Asian Dipping Sauce

What dish can’t be improved with homemade dipping sauces. What about soy sauces with coriander, green onion and chilies chopped up? What about garlic, shallots, ginger, and minced garlic, which are packed with vitamins and minerals? You can’t ask for anything more than thinly sliced Indian pennywort and mint, along with basil, coriander and extra virgin olive oils.

A pot of Japanese green tea is the perfect way to end a wonderful meal. A cup of tea can make hot pot dining feel like a picnic indoors. Sen Joo, however, says: “I enjoy tea and appreciate it with my heart, but I cannot explain why.” Can you explain why? After all the hot pot eating?

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